Irrwaddy print2018-1

Safe School Guidebook

Ban Song Khwae School

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Safe School Guidebook

Mae Pa School

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Safe School Guidebook

Ta Sai lod School

 Safety set Booklet Book Permanently burmese mmn 1 Permanently Temporary: 
Examining the Impact of 
Social Exclusion on Mekong Migrants
Dream out of Reach: A Living Wage
for Women Migrant Workers in Thailand
Name: Migrant Diary 2018
Language: Burmese
Published: January 2018
Forest Fire Poster in Burmese Drought Poster in Burmese
 Fire Poster in Burmese  Landslide Poster in Burmese Burmese-magazine,vol14
 Natural Hazard Poster in Burmese
Earthquake Poster in Burmese  Caution Natural Disaster


 Migrant Diary 2017
Burmese-magazine,vol14 Regular Rights (Burmese)  
Migrant Diary 2016
Language: Burmese
December 2015
 Myanmar-Ministry-of-labour-cover Myanmar Ministry of labour, 
announcement for Myanmar worker in foreign country
   Our newly publication 
"Sexual and Reproductive 
Health and Rights" in 
Burmese language


 Organizing for Justic, 

Burmese language

diary2014 b

 Name: Migrant Diary 2015
Language: Burmese
Published: December 2014


 We Report


We Report  diary2012 Name: Migrant Diary 2012
Language: Burmese
Published: December 2011
Amount: 5,000 copies


A Piece of Justic 

posh-guideline The posh worker
training manual 


Walking for Working Women
is the report of 
WE Get-together

Migrants Movement 
Consultation report is 
the Introduction to rade 
Unions for Migrant workers,
held in February 24th-25th 2011, Chianmai, Thailand

 Name: Reproductive Health 
Volume: 009
Language: Burmse 
Published: September 2008
Amount: 2,000 Copies
ARM2_cover ARM (Automatic Response Mechanism) 



 Name: Nature Disaster
Volume: 008
Language: Burmse
Published: June 2008
Amount: 2,000 Copies

Name: Safety at works 
Volume: 007
Language: Burmse 
Published: October 2007
Amount: 2,000 Copies
Name: Domestic worker 
Volume: 004
Language: Burmse 
Published: Feb 2007
Amount: 2,000 Copies

Name: Child & Youth 
Volume: 005
Language: Burmse 
Published: October 2007
Amount: 2,000 Copies

Name: Paralegal 
Volume: 006
Language: Burmse 
Published: May 2007
Amount: 2,000 Copies
Name: Labor's Rights 
Volume: 003
Language: Burmse 
Published: October 2006
Amount: 2,000 Copies

Name: Health Advocacy 
Volume: 002
Language: Burmse 
Published: July 2006
Amount: 2,000 Copies

Name: Forced labor 
Volume: 001
Language: Burmse 
Published: March 2006
Amount: 1,500 Copies


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