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Who are the listeners

Who listens to MAP programs?

Most of our listeners are migrant workers, men and women from Burma who are working on construction sites, on agricultural sites, in horticultural, in animal husbandry,  in factories, as domestic workers, in the tourist industry, in the entertainment industry, in the service industry. Some of the migrant children also listen to our programs.

What are the MAP programs about?

Our radio programs cover a wide variety of topics of importance and for the enjoyment of migrant workers. Each week there are time slots for programs on:

  • Workers rights
  • Occupational health and safety in the workplace
  • Women’s rights
  • Youth power
  • General health
  • Cultural topics

Other broadcasters:

As well as MAP projects broadcasting on our radio station, other projects and organisations also broadcast on MAP Radio, these include

  • On MAP Radio FM99  EMPOWER, The Samaritans, ,Shan culture& Education, and
  • On MAP Radio FM 102.5 Mekong Youth Network, SHIELD

Other listeners:

As well as the migrant community, the local Thai community also listen and use MAP Radio to keep up to date with different issues and sometimes to learn Shan or Burmese!

Our radio stations have listeners of many, many different ethnicities, languages, and cultures. We proud ourselves on celebrating diversity!v

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